Business Continuity and Transition Planning

Businesses do not survive without planning, but that plan cannot exist in a vacuum.  It needs to be part of one’s coordinated planning.  It starts with deciding whether the business is to be continued or not at the death, disability, or retirement of the principal managers and owners.  It’s as simple and as complicated as who, what, and when.  And of course, this planning must be coordinated with one’s overall estate, financial, and insurance planning.


Estate planning is an on-going process.  As financial holdings and tax laws change, so should the planning.  At Coordinated Planning, we act as a catalyst by periodically reviewing with our clients and helping to coordinate with other key advisors regarding their wills, trusts, titling, beneficiary designations, and business agreements.

Life Insurance Planning

Life insurance is a financial tool that has many uses, including family income, education funding, debt coverage, loan collateral, business continuity funds, and payment of estate taxes.  Our first determination is whether there is a need or want for life insurance, for what purpose, and for what duration.  After that we can help advise clients as to the type of product best suited to their situation and then evaluate alternative carriers based on product availability, cost, health and financial underwriting requirements.  The last step in this process is to coordinate with other advisors in order to insulate the proceeds from adverse tax consequences.

Charitable Giving

Many people want to give to charity but they don’t know where to start or don’t think they have the assets to make a significant contribution.  There are benefits to giving both in life and after death.

We can help coordinate your charitable objectives with your overall planning.  There are many avenues to choose from, including charitable trusts, donor advised funds and personal foundations.

We look forward to doing great things with you.

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